Public water notice

As you may have heard, the Kansas City Water Services are experiencing some challenges treating our water due to all the flooding, melting snow and rain runoff. Public Water District #2 and #9 are all customers of the Kansas City Water Services.

A public notice has been posted about this situation at the Camden Point Library and the Post Office. To summarize: The water is safe to drink for most people. Boiling it will not make any difference, because the problem is turbidity,
(the quality of being cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter).

Tubidity above a certain level can hide a potential contaminant known as Cryptosporidium, ” the notice says. The CDC defines Cryptosporidium as a microscopic parasite that causes the diarrheal disease. Infants and people with compromised immune systems should seek advice from their health care adviser. If you have any doubts, drink bottled water.

KC Water can be reached by calling (816) 513-1313, for emergencies. Or call the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Kansas City Regional Office at (816) 251-0700, or Public Drinking Water Branch at (573) 562-6925.

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